Zentangle at Art for Healing

Come learn how Zentangle can help you find peace and joy in life, if only for the moment. I will focus on using this art form as a healing platform. I will teach you how to create beautiful mindful works of art through this healing process.

“Become more practiced in the skills of letting go, living in the moment, artful reflection and relaxation. All programs are led by experienced facilitators and are for persons 18 and older (unless otherwise noted in their program) who are seeking a respite from stress or healthcare concerns.” (found in Dignity Health’s program schedule). To register for my class or any other classes that you might be interested in go to:

https://www.dignityhealth.org/central-california/locations/mercy-bakersfield/classes-and-events/art-for-healing-workshops or you can call 661-632-5747 to register.